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Windmill Self Storage
  • Do not lean items against walls. Leaving air space around the unit's perimeters will aid in ventilation.
  • Use all of the space available, including the height. Disassemble beds and remove table legs.
  • Place frequently used seasonal items near the front of the unit for easy access.
  • Fill boxes to capacity without overloading. Partially full or overfilled boxes tend to tip and/or collapse. Heavy items should be packed in small boxes for ease of loading, unloading and moving around.
  • Fragile items should be packed securely with protective foam, bubble wrap or other cushion and placed at the top of the storage unit.
  • Label boxes and make a list for later reference.
  • It is recommended to visit your unit periodically for a "check up".
  • Utilize dust covers (can be clean, old bedding, non-plastic tarps, etc.).
  • Do not cover items with plastic as this material tends to collect moisture and mildew.